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    Andrew Munro is a composer of dramatic music for video games and film. He employs a combination of traditional and modern instruments to enhance the emotional impact of visual storytelling.

Andrew began writing music at age 10, within weeks of his first piano and clarinet lessons. In the years that followed, he learned to play any instrument he could get his hands on in order to better understand how the instrument worked and how to write for it. Andrew's desire to continuously improve his compositional skills led him to study music composition at The Hartt School, where several of his works were premiered. Later, he studied film scoring with Don Wilkins of the Berklee College of Music.

Although his true passion lies in the creation of original music, Andrew has also had a successful career working in the field of acoustics. He contributed to the design of the world's finest concert halls as a member of Artec Consultants, Inc. and designed loudspeakers for Bose Corporation. He holds a Master of Science in Acoustics from The Pennsylvania State University.

Andrew is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. He currently lives and works in the Boston area.